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World Trivia

What river is the only one that flows both north and south of the equator?
A: The Congo River, which crosses the Equator twice.

What street is London's equivalent of New York's Wall Street?
A: Lombard Street. It's named for the Lombard family, the first modern bankers of Europe, whose residence was once located there.

What was the name of polar explorer Admiral Richard Byrd's dog?
A: Igloo.

Four years after King Edward VIII abdicated the British throne, he became governor--of what?
A: The Bahamas. He retired after serving from 1940 to 1945.

In what country is the austral the basic monetary unit?
A: Argentina.

What country ws the second in the world to adopt communism?
A: Mongolia, in 1921--four years after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. In 1990, Mongolia became the first Asian country to desert communism.

What did the late King Prajadhipilk, the last absolute ruler of Siam (now Thailand), do to prepare himself financially for life after his anticipated overthrow in the early 1930s?
A: Prajadhipok took out unemployment insurance with French and British insurance companies. He collected on the policies after his ouster, and lived comfortably in England for the remaining six years of his life.

The name of what South American capital city means "I see a hill"?
A: Montevideo, Uruguay.

What is the highest large navigable lake in the world--at 12,500 feet above sea level?
A: Lake Titicaca, which lies between Bolivia and Peru.

Where is the city of Batman?
A: In southeastern Turkey.

When the swallows return to California's Mission San Juan Capistrano every year, where are they coming form?
A: Their winter home in Goya, Argentina.

What is the significance of the shamrock, the emblem of Ireland?
A: According to legend, St. Patrick chose the three-leaflet plant as the symbol of the Trinity. He is said to have used it to drive the snakes of Ireland into the sea. The word shamrock is derived from the Irish seamrog, meaning "trefoil."

How many icebergs are there in the world?
A: Approximately 320,000.

If you weigh 154 pounds in America, how many stone do you weigh in England; how many kilograms in France?
A: You weigh 11 stone in England; and 70 kilograms in France. A stone is equal to 14 pounds; a kilogram to 2.2. pounds.

What did the Queen Mother say to Queen Elizabeth II when her elder daughter considered having a second glass of wine with lunch shortly after her coronation?
A: "Don't forget, my dear, you have to reign all afternoon."

In what country was the first English-language newspaper published?

A: In Holland, in 1620. The newspaper was published by Puritan refugees from England--the same community of Puritans that provided the Pilgrims who crossed the Atlantic on the Mayflower in 1620.

What country was the world's largest producer of potatoes in 1990?
A: The Soviet Union. The United States was fifth, after China, Poland and India.

Simon Bolivar was the liberator of five South ?American countries, one of them his native land. Can you name them?
A: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, the last being his homeland.

 What noted Englishman did singer Texas Guinan rush into her nightclub kitchen and arm with a chef's hat and skillet, so he would escape arrest during a Prohibition raid?
A: The Prince of Wales, who later became Edward VIII, the king who abdicated to marry divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson.