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World Trivia

What Italian city receives about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet every Valentine's Day?
A: Verona--the city in which Shakespeare's most famous lover, Romeo and Juliet, lived.

The Germans call it Donou; the Russians call it  Dunay. What do people in English-speaking countries call it?
A: The Danube.

What was the first European city to pave all its streets?
A: Florence, Italy. All its streets were paved by 1339.

Where was the first Neanderthal fossil excavated in 1856?
A:  In the Feldbofer Grotto of Germanys Neander Valley--from which the name Neanderthal is derived.

How did the ancient Romans keep dry when it rained at the Coliseum?
A: An awning known as a velarium shielded them from both rain and sun. It was pulled across the great amphitheater by sailors operating an elaborate network of guy ropes.

How did Venice's centuries-old Bridge of Sighs get its name?
A: From the sighs of prisoners taken across the bridge from the judgment hall in the Doge's Palace to the dungeons and place of execution in the state prisons on the other side.

What European capital is located in the crater of an extinct volcano?
A: Edinburgh.

How many baths did France's King Louis XIV take during his lifetime of almost 77 years?
A: Only three--when he was baptized, when a mistress insisted, and when a doctor lanced a sore on his rear end and ordered him to soak in a tub of water.

What is London's equivalent of Wall Street?
A: Throgmorton Street. It's where the London Stock Exchange is located.

What is the state language of Luxembourg?
A: Luxembourgish, which is also known as letzeburgesch. The language is used by most Luxembourgers in their daily lives. French, however, is Luxembourg's administrative language, and students are taught German in primary school. Many also study English.

What Canadian province is named for the Great Spirit of the Algonquin Indians?
A: Manitoba. The Algonquin god is Manitou.

What country or countries would you be visiting if you traveled the length of the Mosquito Coast?
A: Nicaragua and Honduras. The approximately 225-mile-long stretch of lowland skirting the Caribbean is named for the Miskito--or Mosquito-- Indians.

What European country uses the initials CH on its automobile license plates and in its postal codes?
A: Switzerland.

The name of what former world leader, translated into English, means "Mr. Clean"?
A: UL Thant, the Burmese diplomat who served as secretary general of the United Nations from 1961 to 1971.

What is the heroine's name in the version of "Snow White"  told to children in Africa, where snow is virtually unknown?
A: Flower White.

Hot springs are known as geysers after the Great Geysir. in what country is it located?
A: Iceland. Geysir is Icelandic for "gusher."

What famous woman, using a diamond, scratched the following message on her prison window: Much suspected of me, Nothing proved can be.
A: England's Queen Elizabeth I, while she was confined at Woodstock in the mid-sixteenth century before she attained the throne.