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American Trivia

American dollar bills are not printed on paper as many believe--what are they printed on?
A: Fabric--a cotton linen blend.

What famous American statesman made three appearances on national TV as a weather forecaster?
A: Former secretary of state and national security advisor Henry Kissinger, in 1991.

According to Senate tradition, who is assigned the desk once occupied by Daniel Webster?
A: The senior senator from New Hampshire. The tradition was established by New Hampshire Senator Styles Bridges, who discovered the desk in the basement of the Capitol. (Webster, who represented Massachusetts in the Senate, was born in New Hampshire.)

What famous Old West lawman was appointed deputy U.S. marshal for New York by Theodore Roosevelt?
A: Bat Masterson.

What state's official bird is the roadrunner?
A: New Mexico's.

How many terms did American frontiersman Davy Crockett serve in Congress?
A: Three.

How much did NASA charge for America's first paying space passenger, scientist Charles Walker, on his trip aboard the shuttle Challenger in August 1984?
A: NASA was paid $80,000 by McDonnell Douglas, for whom Walker manufactured a batch of rare hormones at zero gravity.

How much did industrialist-philanthropist John D. Rockefeller--America's first billionaire--give to charity during his 97-year lifetime?
A: He gave away more than a half billion dollars--$531,326,842.

What was civil libertarian Henry David Thoreau's response when his friend Ralph Waldo Emerson visited him in jail and asked: "Why are you in there, Henry?"
A: "Why are you out there?" Thoreau, as a protest against slavery k had refused to pay his poll tax.

How many sisters and brothers did Benjamin Franklin have?
A: Sixteen-seven sisters and nine brothers. He was the fifteenth child and youngest son.

According to legend, why did Betsy Ross suggest making the stars on the American flag five-pointed instead of six-pointed, as originally planned?
A: Because she could easily cut them with a single snip of the scissors after folding the fabric in a special way.

By what names do we know twin sisters Pauline and Esther Friedman, born on the Fourth of July, 1918?
A: We know Pauline as Dear Abby, advice columnist Abigail Van Buren; Esther as advice columnist Ann Landers.

Why was astronaut John Young reprimanded after returning from the first multi-manned space flight with Gus Grissom in March 1965?
A: For eating a smuggled corned beef sandwich during the flight, creating crumbs that threatened the craft's sensitive machinery.

What American city boasts a Moon Walk?
A: New Orleans. The crescent-shaped promenade along the Mississippi River is named for a former city mayor, Moon Landrieu.

What American diversion did the London Times label a "menace" in 1924 for "making devastating inroads on the working hours of every rank  of society"?
A: The crossword puzzle, which the introduced as a Christmas treat in its Sunday supplement in 1913.

How long was Prohibition in effect in the U.S.?
A: Almost 14 years, from January 1920 to December 1933.