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World Trivia

What topographical feature is known as elv in Danish, gang in Korean, and reka in Russian?
A: A river.

In the German version of Monopoly, it's Goethestrasse; in the British, it's Piccadilly; and n the French, Rue Lafayette. What is this property in the America  version?
A: Marvin Gardens.

In Cockney rhyming slang, what is the meaning of the phrase "Would you Adam and Eve it"?
A: Would you believe it?

How many islands are there in Hong Kong?
A: 235 islands.

During Napoleon's rule in France (1799-1815), what was the only year-long period he was not at war?
A: 1802-1803.

Where in ancient Rome would you find a frigidarium?
A: In a Roman bath. The third of the three chambers in a Roman bath, it consisted of a cold bath and sometimes a swimming pool. The two other chambers were the caldrarium (hot water bath) and the tepidarium. (warm room)

Which Caribbean island nation is closest to Mexico?
A: Cuba.

What does Sinter Klaas, the Santa Claus of  The Netherlands, ride when he delivers gifts to children on December 5th, St. Nicholas's Eve?
A: A white horse. And instead of the whit trimmed red suit that Santa wears, Sinter is decked out in a red cape.

What is the largest city north of the Arctic circle?
A: Murmansk, in Russia.

Future kings Louis XVII of France and George IV of England are both shown playing with what toy in boyhood portraits?
A: A yo-yo.

The name Mesopotamia means "between two rivers" in Greek. What are the two rivers.
A: The Tigris and Euphrates. Much of what was Mesopotamia is in present-day Iraq.

What world leader-to-be lived in exile in England using the pseudonym Jacob Richter?
A: Lenin, founder of the Russian Communist Party and premier of the first Soviet government.

What are the only two towns in England allowed to use the word "Royal" in their names.?
A: Royal Tunbridge Wells and Royal Leamington Spa. The right to use "Royal" as a prefix was granted to commemorate visits by Queen Victoria.

What country has the world's oldest surviving parliament?
A: Iceland. Its parliament, the Althing, first met in 930 when Viking chieftains gathered at an open-air assembly to iron out their differences.

What is the only country in Southeast Asia never ruled by a European nation?
A: Thailand.

What did Agamemnon and the French revolutionary Jean Marat have in common?
A: Each was slain in hiss abth--Agamemnon by his wife, Clytemnestra; Marat by Charlotte Corday.

Where is the Louisiana Museum of Modern art?
A: In Denmark, in the city of Humleback. The museum, established in 1958, features art from the mid-twentieth century to the present.

What words are missing from this old Irish maxim; "Only two things in this world are too serious to be jested on: ____and____"?
A: Potatoes and matrimony.

In what four European countries are motorists required to drive on the left-hand side of the road?
A: Great Britain, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus.

What toll was American adventure writer Richard Halliburton charged when he swam the length of the Panama Canal in 1928?
A: 36 cents. Halliburton, who weighed 140 pounds, was charged as though he were a vessel--in terms of cargo tonnage.