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American Trivia

Who gave his red hand-knitted cardigan sweater, size 38, to the Smithsonian Institution ion 1984?
A: Fred Rogers of public television's "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood."

What's on the flip side of the Susan B. Anthony $1 coin?
A: An eagle landing on the moon, commemorating the Apollo II moon landing on July 20, 1969.

How many Ringling Brothers were there?
A; Seven: John, who headed the circus empire, and brothers Albert, Otto, Alfred, Charles, August, and Henry.

Which is the smallest of New York City's five boroughs--with a total area of 22.6 square miles?
A: Manhattan. (Queens is the largest borough with 118.6 square miles.)

What unique distinction does Maine's 65,265-foot Mt. Katahdin enjoy?
A:  It is the first spot in the U.S. to be touched by the rays of the rising sun.

What is the only car that consumer crusader Ralph Nader has ever owned?
A: A 1949 Studebaker, which he sold thirty years ago when he was a Harvard Law School student.

What oft-played American song's tune, meter, and verse form were borrowed from an English drinking song?
A: "The Star Spangled Banner," which was based on the song "Anacreon in Heaven."

Mistletoe is the state flower of what state?
A: Rhode Island.

The names of 48 states are engraved on the frieze of the Lincoln Memorial, which was completed in 1922. How many are in the etching of the memorial on the back of the $5 bill?
A; Twenty-six. Use a magnifying glass to check--they're in two rows on the frieze above the colonnade.

What U.S. canyon is the deepest gorge on the North American continent?
A: Hell's Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Snake River, which reaches a depth of 7,900 feet.

What was the official New York City weather forecast on the day of the Great Blizzard of 1888?
A: "Clearing and colder, preceded by light snow." The city was hit with 20.9 inches of snow and a temperature of -6 F.

What inland state has the longest shoreline?
A: Michigan. Its more than 3,100 miles of freshwater shoreline includes four of the five Great Lakes--Michigan, Superior, Huron  and Erie.

What are the only four states to share a common  boundary?
A: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.

How did John Luther Jones, the engineer of the "Cannon-ball Express" whose death in a collision with a freight train is memorialized in ballad and legend, get his nickname "Casey"?
A: From his hometown: Cayce, Kentucky.

What three national parks does the Continental Divide pass through?
A: Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain and Glacier national parks.

On what college campus was Phi Beta Kappa--the oldest Greek letter society in the U.S.--first established in 1776?
A: The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

What was the name of the 1,550-pound bison at the New York Zoo that served as a model for the buffalo nickel, introduced in 1913?
A: Black Diamond. It was sold for $700 in 1915 and turned into 750 pounds of usable meat.

What wood is most widely used in making pencils in the United States?
A: Cedar--more specifically, the incense cedar of the high Sierra Nevada in northern California. It has a straight grain and is soft enough to be sharpened without splintering. It replaced the red cedar of the southern U.S. after those forests were depleted.