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Here you can find trivia questions with answers on American topics.

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American Trivia

What is the waist size of the Statue of Liberty?
A: The statue measures 35 feet in diameter at the waist. But there is no real "waistline"--the robe forms the outer shell of the statue and there is no "torso" underneath.

Who opened the first public aquarium in the United States?
A: Showman P.T. Barnum, in New York City in 1856.

What group of Americans were the first to use the term rub out as a synonym for killing?
A: Trappers--not gangsters--during the early nineteenth century. The term was derived from Plains Indian sign language, which used a rubbing motion to indicate killing.

According to the folklore of the early American lumber campo, how was the Grand Canyon created?
A: By Paul Bunyan dragging his pick behind him.

How much does the Liberty Bell weigh?
A: Just over a ton--2,080 pounds.

What unearthly attraction can visitors find in Coconino National Forest, outside Flagstaff, Arizona?
A: A 640,000-square-foot re-creation of the lunar landscape blasted in the volcanic ash and cinders of a dry lake bed.

How many islands are there in the Hawaiian Islands?
A: There are 132--8 major islands and 124 islets.

What is the origin of the name Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana?
A: The name, translated from French, means "red-stick"--for the red cypress tree that once marked the boundary between local Indian tribes.

What is the size of automobile license plates issued by the 50 states, Canada, and Mexico?
A: They're 12 inches wide by 6 inches high.

What is the name of the island on which Newport, Rhode Island, is located?
A: Rhode Island--formerly Aquidneck. It gave its name to the state.

How long is the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River?
A: 217 miles.

How did the town of Snowflake, Arizona, get its name?
A: From two early settlers--Erastus Snow and William J. Flake.

How much does Plymouth Rock weigh?
A: Approximately four tons.

What U.S. government agencies are known as Freddie Mac and Sallie Mae?
A: Freddie is the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; Sallie, the Student Loan Marketing Association.

The Algonquin Hotel is a famous New York literary landmark. What is the name of the hotel down the street where the struggling young James Dean once lived?
A: The Iroquois.

How did Goon Dip Mountain, in "Alaska, get its name?
A: It was named in 1939 for Goon Dip, who had been the Chinese consul in Seattle.

What does verdigris have to do with the Statue of Liberty?
A: It's the green patina on her copper body.

How many crayons does the average American child wear down in his or her coloring lifetime (ages 2 to 8)?
A: 730, according to the folks at Crayola.

Where are the oldest church bells in the United States?
A: In Boston's Old North Church. They were made in England in 1744 and shipped to Boston.

How many children were born to the Mayflower's Priscilla Mullins and "Speak for yourself John" Alden, whose romance was immortalized in "The Courtship of Miles Standish" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow?
A: Ten. According to "Families of the Pilgrims." by the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, there were six girls and four boys.