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World Trivia

What percentage of the world's land area is occupied by Asia, the largest continent?
A: About 30 percent.

What was the name of Sir Walter Raleigh's black greyhound?
A: Hamlet.

What was the first continental European city to build a subway?
A: Budapest, Hungary--in the 1890s.

How many vessels were in the Spanish Armada, the great fleet sent by Spain's King Philip II to conquer England in 1588?
A: 130.

What nation's symbol is an eagle perched on a cactus with a writhing snake in its beak?
A: Mexico's.

How many republics were there in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics before its dissolution in 1991?
A: 15.

Where is the world's largest sculpted strawberry?
A: In Strawberry Point, Iowa.

What famous royal rulers were the first in-laws of England's oft-married King Henry VIII?
A: Spain's King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Their daughter Catherine of Aragon was the first of Henry's six wives.

What three Italian cities have lent their names to reddish hues?
A: Magenta, Siena and Venice (for Venetian red).

How many women named Cleopatra served as rulers of ancient Egypt before the most famous one--the one linked romantically to Julius Caesar and Marc Antony?
A: Six.

What colors do the flags of North Korea and South Korea have in common?
A: Red, white and blue. The South Korean flag also has a fourth color--black.

Where was the world's first paper money used?
A: In China in the ninth century. It was introduced due t a scarcity of the copper used for coins.

Why do the natives of the Duke of York Islands in the South Pacific send a canoe adrift, once a year, loaded with money and decorated with green leaves?
A: To pay the fish for their relatives who were caught.

In what country will you find a city called Zagazig? How about a city called Wagga Wagga?
A: Zagazig is in Egypt. It's a cotton and grain center in the Nile delta about 40 miles from Cairo. Wagga Wagga is in Australia, in New South Wales, 320 miles southwest of Sydney. It's an agricultural area and important livestock-selling center.

What would happen if the Grimaldis, the ruling family of Monaco, should ever be without a male heir?
A: Under a treaty that dates back to 1918, Monaco would cease to exist as a sovereign state and would become a self-governing French protectorate.

What country once was plagued by a murderous religious sect whose members were called thugs?
A: India. The group was wiped out by the British in the nineteenth century, but its name is still used to describe criminals.

What is the largest city, in population, south of the Equator?
A: Sao Paolo, Brazil.

What is the name of the highest mountain peak in the former Soviet Union?
A: Communism Peak, or "Pik Kommunizma." The 24,590-foot-high mountain is in modern-day Tajikistan, in the Pamir Range.

In what year did Hon Kong lose its status as a Crown Colony of the United Kingdom to become a part of China again?
A: In 1997.