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World Trivia

What political party emblem was the first to be used on a national flag?
A: The Nazi's swastika. The black swastika in a circle of white on a red background was introduced as the banner of Germany' National Socialist Party in 1919; it became the flag of the Third Reich in 1935.

What is the origin of the Russian title czar for ruler?
A: It was derived from Caesar, after Julius Caesar-0-as was Kaiser, in Germany, and gaysar, in the Islamic world.

What common sight on the English street scene is named for Sir Robert peel?
A: English bobbies, or policeman--origianlly known as Bobby's boys. Peel is the man who organized the London police force in 1829.

What capital is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world?
A: Damascus, Syria.

What country was the first to produce the leather we know as suede?
A: Sweden, which is what Suede means in French. The name was first used in the phrase gants de Suede, or "gloves from Sweden."

What is the traditional salute to a royal birth in Great Britain?
A: A 41-gun salute.

What silver hood ornament does Queen Elizabeth II have installed on any car in which she is traveling?
A: A sculpture of St. George--the patron saint of England--slaying a dragon.

Who are the Hottentots?
A: Members of a semi-nomadic pastoral tribe, the Khoikhoin, living in southwestern South Africa. The name is a pejorative label the Dutch bestowed on them because of their clipped way of speaking.

How many children of England's oft-married King Henry VIII sat on the British throne?
A: Three--Edward VI (son of wife#3, Jane Seymour); Queen Mary I (daughter of wife #1, Catherine of "Aragon); and Queen Elizabeth I (daughter of wife #2, Anne Boleyn).

How many trunks and suitcases did the Duchess of Windsor take with her on her honeymoon with England's ex-king Edward XIII, who had abdicated to marry her?
A: 186 trunks and 83 suitcases.

What is the basic monetary unit of Venezuela?
A: The bolivar--named for the nation's liberator, Simon Bolivar.

What day followed September 2nd in Great Britain and its American colonies in 1752?
A: September 14th. Parliament omitted 11 days from September that year when it adopted the new Gregorian calendar. Cutting the 11 days put the calendar and the seasons back in line with one another.

How old was England's youngest monarch, Henry VI, when he ascended to the throne?
A: He was just under nine months--269 days old to be exact.

The tallest wave ever observed was spotted in the North Pacific in 1933. How tall was it?
A: It was 112 feet high--a towering ten stories.

Whose bowlegs inspired a furniture style?
A: England's Queen Anne.

What country has the most phones per capita?
A: Sweden.

What rare metal was used to make coins in Russia between 1818 and 1845?
A: Platinum--which wasn't highly valued at the time.

What financially ailing country's bid to be annexed by the United States failed to win passage in the Senate in 1870?
A: The Dominican Republic's. The Senate vote was 28 to 28.

The Isle of Man is in the Irish Sea, off the British coast. Where is the isle called Male?
A: In the Indian Ocean, off the coast of India. It's the capital of the Maldives.