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American Trivia

What historic name did Buffalo Bill Cody give to his buffalo gun?
A: Lucrezia Borgia.

How many rest rooms are there along the 17-1/2-miles of corridors in the Pentagon?
A: 284.

Which is the only state ever to have two decorated Vietnam War combat veterans serving as U.S. senators at the same time?
A: Nebraska. The two are Democrat Bob Kerrey and Republican Chuck Hagel.

What was the municipal "cremator" built in New York City in 1885?
A: An incinerator--the first city-run incinerator n the U.S. The first one built in England in 1894, was called a "destructor."

When Benjamin Franklin was living in England, what stroke did he use in his regular swims across the Thames River?
A: The breast stroke--the same stroke used by Matthew Webb in 1875 when he became the first person to swim across the English Channel.

What is taught at the California Academy of Tauromaquia in San Diego?
A: Bullfighting.

How many sides does a Navajo hogan have?
A: Six; the entry always faces east, toward the morning sun.

What name was given to the baby born aboard the Mayflower during its historic voyage to the New World?
A: Oceanus. A second baby, who was named Peregrine, was born aboard ship after the Mayflower set anchor. The full names of the two boys were Oceanus Hopkins and Peregrine White.

Who was the first person honored as Man of the Year by Time magazine?
A: Charles Lindbergh, in 1927.

In whose honor did the city of Modesto, California, erect a bronze sculpture of a teenage boy and girl sitting on the fender of a 1957 Chevrolet?
A: Director-producer George Lucas. The sculpture, erected in 1997 on a plot renamed Lucas Square, pays tribute to the Modesto-born filmmaker's 1973 movie classic American Graffiti.

Which state capital is situated on the Delaware River?
A: Trenton, New Jersey.

What famous frontier outlaw once handed a press release to a robbery victim and told him to fill in the amount take?
A: Jesse James. The victim was a train conductor.

What state owes its name to its having been discovered during Easter time?
A: Florida. Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon named the land Pascua "Florida--"Flowery Easter"--when he discovered it in 1513.

In what state was the Battle of Tippecanoe fought in November 1811?
A: Indiana.

El Paso is known as the Four C City. What attractions do the four C's represent?
A: Cattle, climate, copper and cotton.

Under the rules of the Senate Ethics Committee, what is the maximum number of times a senator's name can appear in a newsletter to his or her constituents?
A: An average of eight times per page. The rule applies to franked (postage-exempt) mail.

Who represented Aaron Burr's wife, Eliza Jumel, when she sued her 80-year-old husband for divorce on grounds of adultery in 1836?
A: Alexander Hamilton, Jr., son of the man Burr killed in his famous duel. Jumel was granted a legal divorce on the day of Burr's death.