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World Trivia

What role did France's King Louis XIV play in a ballet written especially for him?
A: The Sun King appeared as the sun.

At what age did Cleopatra take her first lover?
A: At the age of 12.

What was the toll charged when the 66,851-ton, 963-foot Queen Elizabeth II traveled through the Panama Canal in January 1980?
A: Exactly $89,154.62

What was the name of the ill-fated Titanic's sister ship?
A: The Olympic. Launched on the same day as the Titanic, it collided with a Royal Navy warship on its maiden voyage two weeks later.

What country has diverted roads to avoid disrupting "elf mounds"--communities of elves?
A: Pakistan.

What nation was in one continent in 1902 and another in 1903?
A: Panama. After winning its independence from Colombia in 1903, the new government decided to switch continents--from South America to North America.

Swat, once a principality, is now part of what country?
A: Pakistan.

Who ws the first woman head of stat in the Western Hemisphere?
A: Isabel Peron, who succeeded her husband, Argentine dictator Juan Peron, after his death. She was ousted by a military junta in March 1976 after 20 months as president.

What body of water was originally called the strait of the Eleven thousand virgins?
A: The Strait of Magellan, the winding, 350-mile-long channel linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at the southern tip of South America. It was navigated by explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1520 and given its original name by his crew. It also has been called Victoria ?Strait, Strait of All Saints, and Strait of the Patagonians.

What is the lowest body of water on the earth?
A: The Dead Sea. At its lowest point, it's 1,315 feet below sea level.

Where in the world was the bridge of  San Luis Rey--immortalized by Thornton Wilder in his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel?
A: In the Peruvian Andes, spanning the Apurimac River.

Who was the first person other than royalty to be portrayed on a British stamp?
A: William Shakespeare, in 1964.

What are the only two countries in the world whose names begin with the letter Z?
A: Zambia and Zimbabwe. Both countries are in Africa.

What is the most common domestic animal on the African continent?
A: The goat.

What river is the muddiest in the world?
A: The Yellow River, known as the Hwang Ho in China. It gets its name from the yellowish silt it carries to an arm of the Yellow Sea.

What country was liberated by Bernardo O'Higgins in 1818?
A: Chile. O'Higgins, the son of a Spanish officer of Irish origin, served as Chile's head of state until 1823.

How tall is the Eiffel Tower?
A: 984 feet.

Halloween is a remnant of an ancient Druid celebration of what?
A: New Year's Eve. The Druids' new year started on November 1.

How many of the Great Lakes are in both the United States and Canada?
A: Four. Only one--Lake Michigan--is entirely within the United States.

What are the natives of Monaco called?
A: Monegasques.

What percentage of the Sahara Desert is coved by sand?
A: About 20 percent--the rest is comprised of barren rocks, rocky plateaus and gravel-covered plains.