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American Trivia

How long--in days--did the Pilgrim's first Thanksgiving in 1621 last?
A: Three. It featured bountiful meals, demonstrations by the Plymouth militia, traditional Indian dancing by the native guests, and foot races and other athletic contests.

How much was suffragette Susan B. Anthony fined for voting in 1872?
A: $100

How many times does each newly produced U.S. dollar bill have to go through the printing press?
A: Three. First the front is printed in black, then the back is printed in green, and finally, the front is overprinted with the serial number and Treasury Department seal in green.

According to the Census Bureau, what are the five most common surnames in the United States?
A: Smith, Johnson, Williams, Jones and Brown, in that order.

Where were the Library of Congress's original copies of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of independence kept during World war II?
A: At Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Which state is America's flattest, with a difference of only 345 feet between its highest and lowest points?
A: Florida. Delaware is the second flattest state, with an elevation range of 442 feet.

Which state is the most thickly forested, with 89.8 percent of its land area classified as wooded by the U.S.. Forest Service?
A: Maine. It's followed by New Hampshire, at 88.1 percent, and West Virginia, with 77.5 percent.

How many jurors were dismissed during the course of  O. J. Simpson's double-murder trial?
A: 10

How many ballots in the House of Representatives did it take to break the deadlocked presidential election between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr in February 1801?
A: 36.

How many signers of the Declaration of Independence went on to serve as president of the United States?
A: Two--John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

What was the country of origin of the greatest number of immigrants to pass through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924?
A: Italy, with 2.5 million. It was followed by Austria-Hungary, 2.2 million; Russia, 1.9 million; and Germany, 633,000.

What figure in American history is believed to have inspired the exclamation "Great Scott"?
A: Gen. Winfield Scott--the hero of the Mexican War and the losing candidate for president in 1852.

How fast was New York City cabbie Jacob German driving when he became the first motorist arrested in the U.S. for speeding?
A: 12 miles an hour. The year was 1899, and the arresting officer was on a bicycle.

What was the first word spoken on the moon?
A: "Houston." Astronaut Neil Armstrong's first message on July 20th, 1969, was: "Houston. Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has Landed."

What was Benjamin Franklin explaining when he said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"?
A: Why he had just attached a lightning rod to his house.

How many banks and trains did the notorious Jesse James rob?
A: Banks, 12; trains, 7.

What was the first country to which the United States sent a woman as ambassador?
A: Denmark, in 1933. Ruth ??Bryan Owen, a two-term congresswoman and the daughter of William Jennings Bryan, served until 1936 when she married Danish citizen Borge Rohde.

Of the 14 states bordering on the Atlantic, which has the least oceanfront--only 13 miles?
A: New Hampshire. Florida has the most, 580 miles.